www.nettyelectronics.com  - established 2 Dec 2014
****** licenced Ontario Small Business **(my basement)
73 Earl VE3AB Elliot Lake, ON. CANADA
$2.00 shipping to CANADA ! !
Welcome to Netty Electronics.com ------------ NO MINIMUM ORDER amounts - $2 shipping in Canada !!

o Small Electronics Parts
o ham radio and qrp parts (I have 'hundreds of Toroids in stock' shipping as low as $2 for

o --- now---- I have new test equipment ATLAS PRO 75 SEMICONDUCTOR ANALYSER w/curve trace
capability and also the Atlas LCR meter -- Now doing more in-depth  measuring of semiconductors and
Inductors  **********  (
I    TEST    THE PARTS BEFORE SHIPPING out)*************************
I have many many older semiconductors from the 1970s/80s to use as " bench mark" standards and I
avoid the CHINESE COUNTERFEITS like the *************plague !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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my site is being re-worked (noted: JUNE 23  2018)
I am making the whole layout and format simpler/smaller !

(it is a work in progress !!!!!!)
QRP and Ham Radio Building Parts - ie transistors, diodes ect  ***TOROID CORES***  and small balun cores
on this page --->
> click here QRP Parts ect.
MASTER LIST of Parts over 6,400 + different parts I sell -- NEW SUPER List of Parts CLICK HERE BIG LIST -
Trustworthy ***TESTED PARTS **** ----
new updated -  JUNE 23rd   2018

Mostly "old school" parts that I have bought over the years and from people who are downsizing. MY
CHINESE suspect parts are well separated from the good stuff. I guarantee my parts are good. Chinese
imports are used only as a last resort when the parts are hard to get and expensive or something. I test them.
Used Radio (pulls from old rigs) - I test the parts before selling CLICK HERE THIS PAGE
I have quite a few old CB junker radios to pull parts off of as well.
LICENCED ONTARIO BUSINESS - (it is a small volume home based business) - MY BUSINESS NAME is Netty Electronics (named after my xyl)

----- TYPICALLY I DO SMALL ORDERS of small parts (padded envelope anywhere) -- Postage on these as low as
$2  in CANADA  $4.50 to USA typically - to other
places in the world (DX) about $6.50 for postage (small packet AIR delivery).

*************MY PARTS ARE TESTED and/or********** GUARANTEED********** I try not to stock Chinese parts because often they are FAKES. **************

-- next one I will attend will be RIDEAU LKS arc
in Smiths Falls (with a table set up)

A FLEA MARKET  THE Ontario Hamfest (July)

AND I go to Ottawa A.R.C in Carp/west Ottawa
each year and set up a table in Commercial
area now.
CRYSTALS (hundreds of types in stock) CLICK HERE FOR THIS LIST

- now about 640 different crystals are catalogued and I have some ready
to catalog soon.JUNE 3rd - 2018 lately Ive been doing the 2mtr FM xtals.
MY EMAIL    earl@nettyelectronics.com  
Wanted old crystals (ie cb radio repair crystals in demand) -- others also seem to be in demand. I test
measure catalog them and BANK them. -- I charge (usually) $3.75 per crystal ---
Crystals are getting to
be very expensive in some cases and/or rare/scarce -- hard to find ECT.. I will buy your old crystals
and give you a decent price --
I also take donations AND.. I PAY the SHIPPING for these things.