Pictures of Homebrew Projects

(these were homebrewed by other hams (not me). Published
with their permission.
Spring 2015 - Reg has started experimenting with a popular W2EBY 2 FET (IRF510) Linear Amplifier.
-- I supplied him with some of the parts he used to build the prototype. Shown in the pictures above.
Some hams (Amateur Radio
Operators) are active builders. This
fellow Reg - Built all the projects on
this page.

He did an impressive job of metal
work to house his projects as well.

I myself (VE3AB Earl Andrews) have
built some ham radio accessories
and a transmitter and vfo but.. I
have to say the stuff I have built is
not very nice looking.

Reg was kind enough to send these
photographs of his handiwork.
This page is under construction-- 14 May 2015.

I will be adding more homebrew pictures and general information in the next few
days. 73 earl ve3ab

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80 metres Tube Receiver
Single 811 Linear Amplifier
Tube 6146 Controlled Carrier AM
Transmitter and Receiver 80 and 40
Transmitter and Receiver 80 and 40 metres.