Basic Repairs by mail Order. Example here: a Ten Tec Argonaut 515 Audio Board.
Above pictured the audio board I received in the mail the other
day from USA. I had to remove the old LM380 IC and clean up
the board and replace a broken trace. I charged $18 in labour
and parts.

Typical of my little repair service. I charge very reasonable
prices that make it worth sending the board away for repair.

In this particular case.. the LM380N was not soldered in
correctly by a previous repair person. The solder joints were
not good as well.  
Main tools for the little job. The de-solder braid is a good name brand. I have
the Chinese braid as well but the Chinese stuff tends to fray and just does
not work as well. I use the Chinese stuff when working on some of my own
prototypes. Solder flux is widely available at electronics parts stores. I use it
often when desoldering parts. Makes the job much more easy.
Left.. using the soldering flux I
removed the old solder and
removed the old LM380N IC.

I then used Q TIPs and pure 100
pct alcohol from the drug store to
remove the brown solder resin
from the board.

Then (pictured right) I got a new
LM380N from the parts drawer (I
have lots of these in stock) and I
used a razor blade to remove any
small amounts of oxide on the pins.
ICs have a marker to show PIN ONE. IT is a little dot near pin one. Sometimes the chip will just have a hollow at one end. In that case
pin one is to the left of the hollow. Most modern circuit boards have pin one marked on the circuit board itself ..but the Argonaut 509
series has rather simple etched boards without much in the way of lettering or symbols on the circuit boards. What I I put a
magic marker dot on the board to indicate pin one oriientation.
NOTE: when you remove an IC or is best to make a little sketch to ensure you insert the new replacement part in correctly.  

The LM380N has a heatsink on the circuit board. I had to form the leads as shown in the photo. For soldering to the heatsink, I used a
160 watt soldering gun to get the soldering started and then finished up with my 40 watt iron. It made for a nice job.
The foils on the old argonaut boards tend to lift rather easily when
heated. When foils lift.. I do a repair with this bus wire I bought at a
RAdio Shack store.
This short article is not quite finished yet (1 JANUARY 2015 ). I will be adding a few more pictures soon.
73 earl ve3ab
LAST STEP is testing the board. Make sure it works. Then I pack it up and send it
off. I always use the POST OFFICE vs. the commercial couriers. Across the border
the post office is reasonably priced for small little packages. There is a small
customs information slip to fill out here in Canada and in the USA. You have to
SMALL PARTS and it goes through customs.

be filled out and the UPS or commercial couriers charge a hefty fee (brokerage
fee). One fellow sent me his Argonaut 509 by commercial courier and it cost about
$100 for the delivery on this end --
SENDING BOARDS OR ACCESSORIES or small items for me to repair.
DECEMBER 24th 2014 UPDATE: While I was doing the above
repair to this fellows audio board.. I decided to cut some
circuit board material to the same dimensions as the
Argonaut Audio boards and I am going to etch a few boards
and I want to build a 509/515 style audio board or two for my
Argonaut 505s (they are compatible electrically) plug in
I want to try etching the boards first to see how that turns
out. So watch for updates to my web site and this article in
the future. 73 earl ve3ab
EXAMPLES OF CIRCUIT BOARDS I AM FAMILIAR WITH AND CAN REPAIR and test in my own radio equipment: Ten Tec Argonauts 505,
509, 515, Ten Tec Argosy, Yaesu FT301, HW7, Yeasu FT221
and there are other items I can repair.

I dont repair entire radios but rather subassemblies like circuit boards that can be mailed easily back and forth without too much
expense. -- MY LOW LABOUR RATE/SHOP RATE $10 per hour makes this possible.

I am busy now with this new little business: NETTY ELECTRONICS but I still do repair small items like circuit cards from older solid state
I have thousands (and I mean THOUSANDS!! ) OF PARTS for older solid state
radios from the 1970s and a few modern parts as well.

So I can repair the older stuff for maybe $20 labour for a circuit board. Very
economical. MY EMAIL IS
AN EMAIL AND I can discuss a repair or if you need some components.

Got the board yesterday inserted , and the 515 came to life worked very well,

so did the old Hw7 . tnx very much and happy new year  

                                        WB8xxx (Identity Protected)  George  cul best 73
POSITIVE FEEDBACK FROM the customer below:
Not only did I fix the Argonaut 515
audio board but at the same time ..I
shipped a new CA3035AE audio chip
for the HW7.

I have many of the parts used by the
older type QRP radios and some of the
newer surface mount parts as well.

I dont have a whole lot of surface
mount parts - most of my stuff is the
old through hole style parts.