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prices will be less than
retail prices and
negotiable and I do
trades as well. (est. Dec 2014)

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pictures started APRIL 2_17
511381 2 radial leads - perhaps this is a light sensitive resistor with resistances in the megohms - NOt sure what this is.
IF you have some ideas..please email me:
MMBFJ310 SURFACE mount version of the J310 N channel JFET qty 20 as of 24 april 2017 and I just ordered in 30 more for testing (from Tayda in Thailand)
I will be comparison testing. I HAVE THE ADAPTER PLATES on order (qty 50) for adapting these surface mount parts to THROUGH HOLE PARTS J201 or for
the 2N5457s (hard to get good ones now that arent counterfeit poor quality. I sell these surface mt jfets for 55 cents each Canadian Dollars and can send them
letter mail in Canada for $2 postage.
I can test these parts and will before shipping
These are old Voltage Regualator ICs (I think)..I havent
found the data sheet for them yet.
TO3 CASE style with 8 bottom leads. Westinghouse Brand
that is dated back to 1968
TAA300 metal can ICs
MC14556CP date/lot code 7333 only 1 in stock in its
original blister pack in one of the UJ estate bins
sold - item was sold on ebay spring 2017
TA182 Workman Focus coil.. I measured about 42 millihenry
42Mh but the fine wire broken near terminal (there are 2
terminals) see pics
price $4.00 stored in NEW NOS lower drawer TA182                 
SN74ALS869NT  74ALS869 Malaysia TI Bin HAW qty 8 -- listing 5 of them on ebay june13_17
NE602 Small surface mount types $1 each
665-1388 Balkamp replacement plastic rivits/retainers for radios such
as FT221 FT301 and perhaps others.
They come in packs of 7 at NAPA auto supply (for Mazda and Toyota)
and they work very well on my FT301. My price $2 each Canadian
dollars or $1.45 each US dollars (they are rather pricey up here in
Canada). - Probably much cheaper from/in  USA can be shipped Light
Package AIR for $7.50 US dollars to Europe/internationally and I can
send other parts too to make it worth while.
4 in. X 2.2 x 3 INCHEs in original plastic wrap.. what I will do is
look the price up on the web and charge only 50 to 60 pct
to sell this and the other project cases I have.
if any interest... I will
go get current prices
for these made in
CANADA quality
project cases. I will
discount the prices by
a good 40 pct due to
the fact these are not
brand spanking new.

I can ship economy
post office and/or
bring to Ottawa valley
ham radio flea
markets Spring and
40543 Transistor. Different sort of package. I have 5 of these oldies along with the
retaining and mounting clips
A1012 all these transistors tested and had hfe of 162 and higher $1.75 each older stock from